• History


    It was 1991 when the Bergamo family realised that the stony “magredi” or “lean lands” of Sequals, in the shadow of the Carnian Alps, were especially well-suited to the production of superior white wines. The varieties identified as most appropriate to the area were pinot grigio, glera (the grape that yields Prosecco) and sauvignon. These varieties have since shown themselves ideal vectors for the area’s quality potential.

    From the very start, Ca’ Selva’s rows were managed to the tenets and protocols of organic agriculture, which explains the estate’s motto: HUMANAE ARTIS NATURA MAGISTRA. Translated from the Latin, the phrase tells us that nature is master of all human arts. More specifically, “ars, artis” refers to insightful, imaginative skills, in other words technique with the pinch of creativity needed to obtain an original result instead of merely replicating a model or continuing a tradition.

  • The Territory

    The Territory

    Ca’ Selva’s vines at Sequals sink their sturdy roots into the stony soil of the “magredi”, which has a low water content despite being located in one of the rainiest parts of Italy.
    The magredi lie in the shadow of the Carnian Alps. The terrain was formed by the breakdown of alpine rocks by torrential streams over the centuries. Fragments of rock, smoothed and rounded by the water, were carried downstream to form huge whitish banks of gravel.
    The unique nature of their environment and site climate makes the Sequals vineyards a particularly good location for growing excellent white grapes, which are vinified at the nearby Chions cellar.

  • Organic Vineyards

    Organic Vineyards

    The desire to safeguard a beautiful territory listed for protection by the European Community prompted Paolo Bergamo and his family to manage their twenty-two hectares of estate-owned vineyards to strict organic standards.
    Chemical weed killers and fertilisers have been banished. Only products permitted under European Council Regulation EC 834/2007 are used on the estate.
    Organic farming is a commitment that has been carried forward with dedication and absolute conviction in the face of the many challenges posed by the area’s special site climates and the harsh nature of the terrain, which makes mechanical ploughing arduous.